Saudi Market

Saudi Arabia’s poultry consumption has been steadily growing at an average rate of five per cent annually during the last two decades. In 2011, total poultry meat consumption was estimated at about 1.3 million metric tons (MT), with per-capita consumption estimated at 47kg per year.
The Saudi poultry market has a cyclical nature, with consumption rises sharply during the month of Ramadan and the Hajj season, when millions of Muslim pilgrims visit to the country every year to perform their religious rituals. It is estimated that more than three million people come to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj period and additional  four million visitors come throughout the year to perform Umras.


The need of Service in Chicken Slaughterhouses

The consequences of faulty production line are not just limited to meat yield. A faulty line will also have implication for production losses, repair costs and possible food safety. The total consequences can be made measurable by calculating Overall Equipment Efficiency. From this, it is clear that breakdown in the killing process has an immediate effect on all remaining...

Saudi Radwa

Saudi Radwa, was one of the biggest brands in Saudi Market, after stopping for a couple of years, they have launched their products back to the market on September.
With the latest technology in Poultry world, Saudi Radwa is the first name in the Middle East that uses “Aeroscalder”.
A.A.C.E. has been involved in their new processing plant, following the co-operation from the old plant, which shows the strong relationship between ..